Since Africafé opened in January 2016, Fife Zoo has been striving for sustainability. Our first port of call: Coffee.

All of our coffee at Fife Zoo is Triple Certified, that is to say Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance certified and Organic. The Fairtrade Mark is the only independent guarantee that coffee farmers have been paid a price that’s higher than the cost of production. The Rainforest Alliance seal of approval means that coffee farmers look after the tropical forests where they live and work. This certifies that wildlife is protected, rivers are kept clean, and natural resources conserved. Finally, the coffee is organic. This means the farmers don’t use unnecessary chemicals and pesticides – that’s good news for plant and animal life.

As a nation, we use around three billion single use cups every year, but as they’re treated with plastics or wax so we don’t burn our fingers they’re difficult to recycle, and 99.9% end up in landfill.

Since Africafé opened in January, we have taken a different approach to the coffee shop staple. Our takeaway cups pack in a lot of goodness. They’re 100% biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. That’s mostly down to the very clever inside coating. It’s made from a biopolymer that’s based on GMO-free vegetable oil technology. Even the cup’s paperboard comes from sustainable forestry.

We’ve taken this one step further with our new range of KeepCups. There is enough plastic in 20 disposable cups and lids to make one 12oz KeepCup. These barista standard cups are reusable and designed to last for years. Over one year a single KeepCup reduces landfill by at least 99% when compared to disposable cups. That’s a big difference!

Every time you bring a KeepCup to Africafé at Fife Zoo you’ll receive a 10% discount on whatever hot (or iced) drink you order. KeepCups are available at Africafé, we’ll even fill it the first time for free!

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